12 Memorable Photo album ideas to keep You Smiling in 2022

Memorable Photo album Hacks 2022

Nothing spices up your home décor like a photo album. A photo album allows you to display the favorite moments of your life for your friends, family, and loved ones to admire; it also instantly uplifts the vibe of the space it is placed in.  

Creating a photo album is a fun way to spend a weekend and a décor piece that will retain its novelty through the years, given how smiles have a habit of being remembered forever. So now that you are here and are looking for ways to spruce up your living space, join us to discuss the top ideas to create a memorable photo album. 

1. Create a Vignette  

If you want to go a step further from simply inserting your family photos on your album, you could go a step further and set up shelves and have your family photos resting on them like slice-of-life flip-throughs. Not only is this a chic way of displaying your photos, but it is also extremely easy to keep rotating the set of photos you have up. 

2. Create A Timeline 

Photographs are an amazing way to travel back into time. You can create a timeline with photos detailing your family’s adventures over the years for your photo album. E.g., You can have album photos dedicated to your kid from the day they came home to the day they graduated. Family photos from vacations and picnics are also excellent additions to your timeline photo album.  

3. Build Rows & Columns 

Make the photo story of your photo album as lively as possible. Photos with vibrant colors, happy faces, pets goofing around, and even you and your better half sharing a smile can all make for a truly mesmerizing spread. You can create rows or columns of your photos in this photo album idea for an ordered feel. 

4. Build A Black & White Spread 

Nothing says ‘classic’ as well as a black and white spread of photos. You could create a black and white photo album with photos detailing your baby’s first steps or the day you proposed to your loved one. For extra pizazz, you could have the photos desaturated only in certain places. (imagine a photo in which you are handing a rose to your better half, and the entire photo is black and white with only the rose in a vivid red. 

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5. Gather Your Panoramic 

A travel adventure is incomplete without a good panoramic shot. But displaying a panorama in all its glory is only possible on a photo album. Section your panorama into separate blocks, and then create an individual print of each block to be placed sequentially on your photo album to cover the scene in all its majesty.

6. Include Individual Shots 

Every member of your family is beautiful. From the way your kid’s nose crinkles when he laughs to the way your brother poses for a selfie, there’s something special about all of them. Enlarge portraits of your family member and place them on your family album for an extra dose of smiles. Pro tip- try and use candid photographs as in such photographs, the unique character of each person shines through a lot better.  

7. Brighten With White 

Though a little bit of a rarity, a white album can be an excellent space for a family photo setup. We suggest placing your photos asymmetrically for highly appealing visual diversity. The photos could be of you and your family around the house or even outdoor adventures like picnics or trips to the local amusement park. 

8. Let Travel Be The Theme 

A travel-themed photo album is an amazing idea. You could add in souvenirs from your travel adventures, foreign cityscapes, and even nature photos to make viewing your adventure photo book in itself. Don’t forget to include candids, group shots, and the quaint locales of the places you visited. 

9. Form A Saga 

We know that you are going to put only photos you truly love on your love photo book. So why not do so in episodes? You could include pictures of your favorite vacation, a family picnic, portraits of your kids, a pet section, or just pictures of random curiosities you came across in your travels and build an episodic saga of your memorable moments. 

10. Include your Favorite Quotes 

To add a little context to the photos you put up, you could also add a few images with your favorite quotes on them. This enriches the viewing experience of your photo album; it adds character to the décor of your space in terms of balance and diversity.

11. Utilize Your Instagram Photos 

Your Instagram feed sports only the very best of your love pics. Creating a photo album from your Instagram feed is an amazing way of displaying the photos you are truly proud of. IT could be your participation in a sporting activity, an especially alluring selfie, or a group shot of you and your loved ones on vacation, making your photo album sleek and stylish.

12. Set The Mood To Happy 

The whole idea of creating a photo album is to enhance the mood of your living space. Create your photo album displaying as many smiles, fun, and frolic as possible. Including pictures of your kids and pets can never go wrong, and you can rest assured that your photo album will bring smiles not just to you but to everyone who views it.

Wrapping Up 

The first step to creating an alluring photo album is an appealing photo. You and your family could dress up in matching outfits or make the same pose while having your picture taken. Including your favorite family activity, be it a backyard game of cricket or a cozy rainy afternoon at home, you can create exquisite photo albums for every occasion. If you are looking to create album art from photos, then you have struck gold. Picsy offers a wide variety of customizable photoproducts, ranging from canvas album art to photo book printing and photo books and customizable photo calendars. Whatever product you choose, you can rest assured that your album art will be the talk of the town. So what are you waiting for? Download the Picsy app and get started now! 


Chirag Parikh is an experienced sales professional who loves to draft creative sales strategies. When Chirag is off work, you will find him traveling and exploring adventurous places.

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