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11 Lovely Ideas to Surprise Loved Ones This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. That means we are all getting ready to catch that Christmas euphoria and spend time with our loved ones. To show them how much we appreciate them, we buy them Christmas gifts they will cherish. Whether it’s a small and thoughtful gift or a grand surprise we all love receiving something special from our loved ones. So, this Christmas surprise your loved ones with one of these heart-warming and creative gifts that will definitely put a smile on their face. 

Christmas-themed Socks

Who doesn’t like a pair of warm and cosy socks for the winter season? There’s a reason why socks are some of the most anticipated Christmas presents out there. There are so many different colours and patterns you can choose from. From the classic red ones with snowflakes, Santa Clause, reindeer, and snowman drawings on them to the fuzzy ones that have abstract patterns on them, there’s a pair of Christmas-themed socks for everyone. You can even go a step further and make custom socks for your loved ones. For example, if they have a pet they really love, you can print photos of their pet in a cute little Christmas suit on the socks that you’re going to give them this winter season. How cute is that? 

A Personalised Children’s Book

If you have small kids who love reading bedtime stories, then a personalised children’s book is a perfect Christmas gift for them. There are plenty of amazing online shops where you can design and make up a story of your own for the personalised book. They will put everything you sent them together to create the most magical story your little ones will get to enjoy before going to bed. You can come up with an adventurous story where your kid is the protagonist who has to save Christmas from an evil witch, or they can be a pirate going around the world delivering gifts for children. Whatever you come up with, your kids will surely love it. 

A Custom-made Mug

When you think of winter and Christmas you probably also think about warm blankets, hot cocoa in your hand, and a fun Christmas movie. Well, your loved one will be stoked about a custom-made mug that you give them this Christmas. It can be anything you want. Think about what your friend likes the most. Are they into a certain book or movie? Do they like Harry Potter? You can print some of that on the mug. On the other hand, you can print a cute little message hand-written by you or you can print a photo of you two. It will spark warm memories and make them feel loved and special every time they take a cup of coffee or tea with them. 

There are even those cool magic mugs you can try out. They seem to be typical one-colour mugs, but once you pour some hot beverage in them the image you printed on them starts slowly appearing on the mug. 

Paint-by-numbers Painting

This one has become a huge trend in the past two years. A paint-by-numbers kit allows you to turn some of your favourite photos into a colourful painting that you can gift to someone this Christmas. If you have a very special photo with your loved one, but you don’t feel like simply giving them the photo, you can order a paint-by-numbers kit online and turn that beautiful photo into a painting. All you need to do is send a photo of your choice and select the dimensions you would like your painting to have. Then, you will receive a canvas that has been marked by numbers correlating to paint colours (that are also included in the kit). Then, following the colour-number coordination, you just have to paint the picture and voila! There’s your perfect Christmas gift. 

Christmas Hamper

If you can’t really make up your mind and choose one gift only for your loved one, why not combine a few amazing gifts? With Christmas hampers you can surprise your loved one with an amazing Christmas gift filled with everything they love. These gifts come in so many different varieties and combinations. You can choose a package of your own liking and check what gifts come in the hampers of your choice. They usually contain seasonal foods, sweets, chocolate, wine, champagne, and other amazing goods that everyone likes to enjoy while celebrating winter festivities. 

A Magical Advent Calendar

Everyone likes sweet surprises, especially during Christmas time. That is why advent calendars are so popular during the winter season. Not only do you get an amazing surprise every day of December, but you also get to enjoy some of your favourite sweets every day. Advent calendars are versatile too. You can pick so many different themes and colours. Also, not all of them are just about candy. Some of them come with small gifts that you get to unpack every day of the month. You can even order a personalised advent calendar that can have a huge photo of your family or friend group on the front of the calendar. If you’re buying it for your family, then the whole family can participate in the fun activity of opening up small gifts every day during December. It’s truly a gift that can bring people closer to each other. 

An Astrology Book for your Loved One

Another popular gift this season is a birthdate book. If you happen to know your partner’s big three signs (sun, moon, and rising), then you can order a personalised birthday book for them. On top of that, if you can provide your partner’s exact time and place of birth, you can get a 70-page book that provides valuable information about your partner that is customised based on their natal chart. You will also be provided with beautiful images of the night sky and all the star positions on the day and in the exact moment your partner was born. Isn’t that romantic? 

A Cube of Memorable Photos

If you want to give your loved one a truly sentimental gift this Christmas season that means a lot to both of you, then you can get a customised cube made up of some of your favourite photos. The cube easily folds and unfolds to reveal your favourite moments spent together captured on a piece of paper. This cute little gift can be displayed in your living room reminding you of all the fun and great times you had together so far. It is a great gift for couples who love to have romantic and sentimental reminders of their most precious memories they created together as a couple. 

A Customised Puzzle

Speaking of customised gifts, another great idea for those who like to give personalised gifts to their loved ones is a customised puzzle. Whether you are planning to get this present for your romantic partner, a friend, or a family member, it’s a perfect gift for anyone who likes to put together fun puzzles. All you need to do is choose a photo of you and your loved one together and then order a customised puzzle with the printed photo of your choice. This Christmas season, you and your loved one can get together over a glass of wine and some delicious cookies and put this amazing puzzle together that will remind you of the good times you shared with one another. 

An Astrology Necklace

Another amazing astrology-related gift for all of those astrology lovers is a cute necklace shaped like a zodiac sign of your choice. If your bestie or loved one is into both astrology and jewellery, then this gift is a perfect combination and just the right gift for them. Look into their zodiac sign or birth chart and surprise them with either a beautiful gold or elegant silver necklace in the shape of their sun sign. It will look amazing paired with their favourite outfit. It’s a thoughtful gift and also an amazing piece of accessory that your friend will surely appreciate. 

A Christmas Gift Card

If your loved one has a particular shop they like to go to and purchase stuff from, you can also get them a Christmas gift card. It’s especially common during the winter season to find a huge variety of different gift cards with different amounts of money you can spend in the stores. A lot of drug stores and beauty shops offer a variety of different cards, but clothing shops too have amazing offers too. You can pick a type of gift card that you think your loved one will appreciate and write them a cute Christmas card with it. Paired with their favourite wine and some chocolate or other sweets this can be one of the most simple yet greatest Christmas gifts for your loved one. 


So, in case you are stuck and need help figuring out what to buy for your loved ones this Christmas, this list of lovely and creative Christmas gifts will surely help you out.

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