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Digital Marketing

10 Pro Tips: How To Make Money as an Author by Selling Ebooks on Amazon

10 Pro Tips of Selling eBooks on Amazon

The internet has greatly changed things in the world. With time, emails have replaced mail letters. Similarly, Skype and WhatsApp have taken over long-distance phone calls. Now, people are commonly shopping online. They believe it’s better than visiting stores. 

Among all the eCommerce businesses, Amazon has made a remarkable position. It’s one of the famous stores that help the consumers in connecting with various retailers. Authors around the world are using Amazon as a platform to sell their books. 

With time, Amazon has become incredibly successful. It has the power to create and host marketplaces. Millions of people are paying Amazon to buy a range of products. Hence, if you want a reliable platform to sell your books, take advantage of Amazon. 

Amazon facilitates authors as it has an online bookstore. It has brought a revolution in the market. It was launched in late 2007 as Kindle. Amazingly, it became the new face of book publishing. Do you know what it does for authors? It provides a platform where authors can independently publish their books directly. 

10 Tips to Make Money on Amazon as an Author 

Amazon can help you in making lots of money. As an author, whether you’re searching for a full-time gif or a side hustle, Amazon can serve you the right way. It has opportunities for everyone as it provides a money-making proposition. 

Do you want to know why authors love Amazon? It not only helps in reaching a mass audience but also benefits through high sales and profits. It’s an e-commerce giant and is dominating the market. Thus, Amazon has made self-publishing lucrative. 

If you aren’t an experienced writer, we recommend taking advantage of eBook writing services. Professional eBook writers can make things easier for you. 

Here we have these ten pro-tips that can help you earn money on Amazon as an author:

You Need an Appealing Book Cover

The cover of the book not only protects it but also sets the first impression. 

If you check Kindle on Amazon, you will see thousands of books falling in the same category. Hence, you’ll have to make an effort to make your book stand out. 

The competition is immense. So, when selling ebooks on Amazon, start with designing a professional cover. Then, you can consult professional designers or learn designing skills. It’s crucial for self-published authors. 

Thus, when you are spending a lot of effort and time writing an ebook, take some time to make it look professional. In addition, a good cover can help in attracting readers easily. 

Good Research can Help in Selecting the Best Title

We believe that you know your field. However, you might need to rethink and assess the topic of your writing. If you choose Kindle Amazon as your medium, you must know that specialty books are not in demand. 

Thus, to reach the audience, you have to focus on writing in a broad niche. Don’t restrict yourself. If you can generalize your content, it can help in attracting more audiences. Also, it will boost the number of downloads of your eBook. Hence, you can earn more. 

Look for the Most Searched Keywords

When choosing the self-publishing strategy, you’ve to take care of a lot of things. The best practice is to identify the research keywords related to your topic. For this, you can use the following tools:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Moz Explorer
  • Ahrefs

Once you have the list of keywords, use them in your tags and product description. It will not only help in increasing visibility but will also improve your digital content ranking. 

Let Readers Know About You Through an Author Bio

Keep it interesting, and don’t put your readers to sleep. 

Many readers prefer choosing books written by well-known authors. Hence, you need to make sure your audience knows you. A strong bio can facilitate the process. It not only humanizes you but also helps readers in feeling connected with you. 

Consider this as an opportunity to make yourself known. Luckily, Amazon provides a dashboard. As an author, you can access it to track sales of your books. It also aids in managing reviews and feedback. You can take advantage of this feature and personalize your page. Of course, an engaging and warm bio is necessary. 

Don’t Miss the Chance to Learn Amazon’s Algorithms

Like Google and other search engines, Amazon also has its algorithms. Once you set your author account on the e-commerce site, you need to start working on conversions and traffic. The more attention you grab, the more success you can gain. 

For the past few years, Amazon has been providing plenty of ways to promote your ebook. Through this, readers can easily find your book. But, unfortunately, Amazon is leading the search engine when it comes to books. Therefore, you need to check out ways to make readers reach out to your books. 

The algorithms aren’t like black magic. These work according to principles as they prioritize your book. Still, confused about how these algorithms can help you? Read this:

  • It reflects how well your book is doing in the market. 
  • You can track your sales through it. 
  • Also, it gives the Amazon Best Sellers Ranks that show where your book is listed. 

Even if your book is new, Amazon will provide it extra exposure. Your book will be added to the Hot New Releases list. Hence, its visibility will increase. 

Add an Eye-Catching Book Description 

A book description provides readers with the necessary information about your book. But, importantly, it highlights features that make readers curious about the book. Hence, you can take it as an opportunity. 

You need to set up hype by writing a description. It’s going to be the first thing that readers come in contact with. Therefore, make it worthy and appealing. If you fail to do so, readers will have no reason to buy it. Hence, aim to give them a reason. 

Avoid the Highly Competitive Book Categories

Are you aware of the different book categories on Amazon? If not, check them. You’ll easily find more than 10,000. 

To begin with the process, you can contact Amazon. They will highlight around eight bonus categories for your book. Many experts recommend that it’s better to choose up to two types. Also, choose some sub-categories. Some are more competitive than others. Hence, choose wisely. Always focus on creating a balance when choosing. 

Use your Marketing Skills 

As a seller on Amazon, you need to focus on achieving higher visibility. The more visible your product is, the more it can attract customers. Do you know that there are millions of products listed on Amazon? Good positioning can help in competing and maximizing visibility. 

Amazon Affiliates is a marketing program, which intends to help influencers in monetizing their audience. With the constant surge in affiliate commissions, authors can take advantage of it. For example, they can write an article or a post about their book and share it on social media. You can create a constant stream of revenues using this method. 

Don’t Narrate Your eBook

Are you thinking of releasing an audiobook for your eBook? It’s true that it’s for the better and can help in moving towards publishing digital content. However, you first need an eBook. Don’t rush towards the next steps, as publishing an audiobook is more challenging. You’ll need a producer for it. 

So, don’t narrate your eBook. It’s always recommended to hire a professional voice actor for the audiobook. It will provide a natural rhythm and create a difference in your sales and profitability. 

Give your eBooks Away for Free

You must be wondering how giving away for free can help you in earning money. Let us help you in understanding. When you publish a book on Kindle Amazon, you can set its price. The first price is $0. After that, the strategy is to keep it free for the first week at least. 

Freebies easily attract people. Hence, it will boost your visibility and can help you increase. In this phase, you won’t be making a profit. However, you’ll attract the attention of a wider audience. Better exposure can help you in setting a higher selling price. 

Final Thoughts 

Thanks to Amazon, passionate authors no longer must pay higher costs to the publishing companies. Now, they have a platform through which they can directly reach the masses. To earn more, you can offer Amazon exclusivity to your eBook. 

Through this, you get paid per page read. It’s rewarding in the long run. You can earn greatly using your writing skills. Further, to become successful, you need traffic that can lead to conversion and sales. When the traffic on Amazon is high, the number of visitors to your book can increase. 

The tips mentioned above can help eBook writers in earning.

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