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10 Different Varieties of Peppers Which Enhances Your Dish

Top 10 Types of Peppers

If you are making a spicy dish, chilli peppers bring the heat and flavour simultaneously. 

Do you know all types of peppers come under the Capsicum family, including spicy and hot chillies and sweet peppers? We are here with a spicy topic for all you guys. Below down, we shortlisted 10 different varieties of peppers that work to enhance either beauty, flavour, spice and hotness of your dish. To make this blog interesting, we add SHU measurements of each pepper with their details. This blog helps you to choose pepper according to your needs. After that, you may know how much spiciness is required in your dish. The heat of the pepper may vary according to its qualities. 

This blog is best for those who love the heat and those who can’t handle the heat. Both the personalities will enjoy this blog, it is guaranteed. 

What is SHU? 

Are you confused about what SHU stands for? Then its answer is the Scoville heat unit. It simply measures the number of times capsaicin is required to be diluted by the sugar water. The SHU number mentioned the level of hotness. 

WARNING: These top 10 varieties of peppers will surely spice up things!

Top 10 Types of Peppers 

Check out below the top 10 different varieties of pepper that enhance your dish. Let’s jump on the topic without wasting any other moment. 

  • Bell Pepper

Bell peppers are the first name on this list. These come in bell shape and in a rainbow of colours. Bell peppers colours include orange, red, green, yellow, purple and many more. These are big and sweet. Because of their mild taste and size, they are best to stuff. Bell peppers are versatile, flavorful and easy to use in any dish, whether it is salad, bhaji, sandwich or topping of pizza.

SHU spice level  – 0 

  • Mini Sweet Pepper

The second name on this list is Mini Sweet pepper. This pepper’s name has explained it all. It has a tiny and sweet pepper taste and looks quite similar to bell peppers, but it’s tiny in size. Mini Sweet Peppers are fewer seeds compared to bell peppers and often sweeter in taste. You can sauté them or use them as your lovable dip or roast. 

SHU spice level  – 0 

  • Cubanelle Pepper

Cubanelle Pepper is famous as the Italian Frying Pepper. This sweet pepper comes with a touch of hotness. It is light greenish-yellow in colour and long in size and comes with a slight wrinkle on its thin skin. Cubanelle Pepper used in the cuisines of Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. They are ideal for frying and can be roasted well because of their thin skin. You can up your pizza game by adding slices of it on the top. 

SHU spice level  – 100 to 1000

  • Banana Pepper

Banana Peppers have yellowish and long curved shapes like bananas. These are mild and tangy, and you can also make pickles or sandwiches from them. 

SHU spice level  – 0 to 500

  • Cherry Pepper

Cherry peppers’ second name is pimento. They heart-shaped red colour peppers that are sweet and mild. It can add sweet pepper flavour to your dish. 

SHU spice level – 100 to 500

  • Poblano Pepper

Poblano Pepper is the next pepper in this list that comes with a flavour of spiciness. It is hot on the mild end. The peppers, meaty and thick like bell pepper, come with slight hotness. It is best for stuffing because of its size. These peppers come from Mexico and are most popular there. 

SHU spice level – 1000 to 1500

  • Jalapeño

Jalapeños come in the category of spicy pepper or you say it as the king of spiciness. They are not the spiciest, they are moderate on the Scoville scale compared to others. They are called king of spicy peppers because of their popularity. 

SHU spice level – 2500 to 8000

  • Fresno Peppe

Fresno Peppers slightly look like red jalapeño, but these come with more hotness in them. It is a bit smokier and fruitier in taste as they mature. If you want the spiciness in your dish, they add these to provide proper heat to your dish. 

SHU spice level – 2500 to 10,000

  • Serrano Pepper

The second last is Serrano Peppers. They come with thin skin, and if you want to add them to your dish, then no need to peel off its skin. 

SHU spice level – 10,000 to 23,000

  • Thai Pepper

Last but not least is Thai Pepper. You can easily get many varieties of Thai pepper in the market. 

SHU spice level – 50,000 to 100,000

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I hope you get all the detailed information from this blog for more interesting blogs like this. Stay connected with us. 

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